One of rosicon's key competences is to manage holdings data. Based on years of experience in the area of calculating portfolio commissions and fees, we've build substantial expertise in this business.

With you can profit from our expertise. Our offering includes the processing of all the statements of holdings you receive from your distributors and partners - including the correct netting of sub-holdings. If required, we can collect all statements of holdings from your partners directly and inquire about missing declarations. The result of processing this information is the comprehensive and detailed visualization of your holdings data and supply chains within


Our team is responsible for the complete processing of your data. I.e. you can relax and wait until we notify you about the finished results.


You can use everywhere, e.g. for workshops and customer meetings - both on tablet and smartphone.


Users can customize all views of the dashboard. Thus you get all the information you need at a glance by combining your favorite charts.

Analysis offers a large variety of analysis options based on your reported holdings. You can get an immediate overview of your funds and portfolio holders. If you require in depth analysis for single funds, individual portfolio holders or a certain group of portfolio holders you can use the extensive and easily applicable filter controls.

Custom-fit profiles

You can create any number of profiles for yourself and your team. Each profile consists of a number of pages which hold an arbitrary number of information widgets.
You can control a variety of settings for each widget in order to optimize the display of your selected data.
Whether you are heading to a management meeting or an appointment with a customer, you have the suitable evaluation ready.

Supply Chains

Get an overview of the supply chains your customers are using to buy your funds. By comparing different dates / points in time, you are able to track the evolvement of these supply chains.
Additionally you can limit the display to represent the supply chain for a single fund.

Gross / net holdings analysis

This type of analysis enhances the supply chain information with gross / net holdings per portfolio holder on each point in the diagram. You can now trace the holdings flow throughout the tree-diagram.

User concept / User rights

For each user you can define an information range that is accessible for the user. The range is implemented by means of data filters.
For instance a user of your sales team might require a filter that offers only those portfolio holders for whom he / she is responsible, whereas an account for one of your (external) fund initiators could be limited to their own fund portfolio. This allows for providing full transparency of your data combined with the necessary restrictions.

    "holdings": [
        "id": "99528",
        "fund": {
            "id": "193",
            "isin": "NN0002606750",
            "name": "rosicon Super Plus Fund  I EUR"
        "holder": {
            "id": "3618",
            "name": "Clearstream Frankfurt"
        "grossShares": 4439854.15,
        "netShares": 562,
        "grossAmount": 39736694.6425,
        "netAmount": 5029.9,
        "externalIdentification": "9982781",
        "dataSupplyChannel": "1_CBF"


The imported and processed holdings information can be exported via an API. This enables you to include the refined data in your own IT-systems. Excel export options are available as well.


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