Although providing fund data to partners and distributors is a key task, it is often neglected. Without sufficient and up to date information about your funds, they are getting harder to sell for your partners. Without the most up to date information on funds and conditions, your partners are not able to create complete cost transparency (as required by MiFID II). Even if "providing current fund data" sounds easy enough, it is a technical and semantic challenge since more or less all parties involved in the financial sector are using their own format.

With we simplify the process of data distribution for you. You only need to upload your information in your internal format and our application will convert it into the individual formats of your recipients. You can also use a mailing service with this application to send the files directly to your partners.
Additional features provide the capability to tailor exactly who should receive what kind of information on your funds at what point in time.

Easy to use

You upload information about your funds and conditions in your own format - fundmate takes care of everything else.


You're providing information to your partners in their individual formats.


We are no data broker. Your data remains - unconditionally - yours. You determine which recipient is provided what kind of information.

Mapping is using a two-fold mapping for the data transformation. One mapping defines the way in which your information is stored in our database, the second mapping defines the way in which recipient formats are completed. If there are changes to your internal format or if a recipient provides a new version of its format, we are able to apply those in no time.

Data filters

You can determine on individual recipient level who should receive information about which funds based on if/then rules. Popular filter settings include distribution licenses or black-/white-lists. Even complex filter expressions are possible - by combining multiple elements using "and" or "or".


In times of MiFID II and complete cost transparency, it is essential to provide the most current information on terms and conditions for your distribution partners. enables you to include this information for each fund and each recipient individually.

Interval delivery

Using the interval delivery ensures a regular distribution of fund data on a configurable fixed date, e.g. every end-of-month.

Distribution of documents

In addition to fund data and conditions you can upload fund related documentation like annual reports or KIDs and have distribute these to your partners, too.

Highlighting changes

With this feature you can define, if changes on fund attributes or new funds as a whole should be highlighted in the recipients' files. Validity dates bring the opportunity to decide from which point in time the new information should be distributed.


We are happy to show you all of the above mentioned features and more as well as the attractive pricing model in a personal presentation (web session). If you want to get "hands-on" with test accounts are provided upon request. Should you require additional documentation, please let us know.

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